December 6, 2011

Baby’s Monthly Photos

I knew I wanted to take monthly photos of my son, but wanted to get creative. I also wanted to replicate the same setting each month so we could measure his growth.Inspired by one of my favorite decor blogs, Making it Lovely, I found a pint sized leather chair that matches Jack’s father’s chair. I bought it with the thought that when he was a toddler, Jack and his father could sit side by side. But once Jack was born, it turned into a perfect prop for our monthly photo shoots.

The first few months we had a difficult time keeping Jack propped up, and the last few months we had a difficult time keeping him from jumping down! Today is Jack’s first birthday, and we took the last of his portraits this morning.

Want to capture monthly photos of your newborn? Here are some tips:

• Use a prop like a piece of furniture, laundry basket, or the family pet that stay constant while your baby grows. Include an object for scale so you can see your baby change.

• Forget those pieces of paper with your son or daughter’s age on them. Throw on a simple white onesie and one of these stickers, and you are all set.

• Commemorate your child’s milestones, photograph them doing something that represents their age. A shot of them swaddled, sitting, crawling, or chewing on their favorite teether.

But most importantly, don’t leave these photos sitting on your hard drive. I plan to print up a large canvas of the above collage for Jack’s room, and can’t wait to see it on the wall.

  1. Nicole says:

    What a cutie! You’re going to love having these photos on the wall.

  2. Absolutely adorable – and very creative!

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